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"Mother Knows Best"

The phrase you grew up hating, wondering where this mysterious wisdom stems from. But when it comes to wardrobe, we are firmly of the view your mama had a point, and your aunt, and your grandmother... In today's sea of polyester similarities, we are pleased to be launching the vintage section of our online store with something to love for more than one summer. 

Here at Dress Code we have been supplying the finest, strangest and most downright outrageous selection of clothing from the 1920's to, regrettably now somehow declaring the 90's "vintage". We've been doing this for long enough to have, in the posh wording, carefully curated a selection of vintage delights for your wardrobe, now available from our online store. With a spectacular array of clothing from vintage big names like Betty Barclay to early rave oddities with everything from Drag Queen hand sequined gowns to St Michael classics along the way. Realistically we feel there's no excuse for not looking like Adam Ant at a fancy dress party on a standard Monday so we've decided to spread the good word and open our vintage section to the good people of the internet. 

Our vintage section of the online shop will feature an ever growing and diversifying collection of the best  from our little Southsea hub available for next day delivery across the UK. Using our extensive vintage selection and unfailing urge to stop you looking like a muppet, we can advise you on outfits for Goodwood, how to really piss off Janice in HR with your office Christmas party or just kitsch up your average Monday. Launching over the summer, we thought we'd peak your interest with some of the best, bizarre and bolshiest choices to pass through our humble shop before now... 


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