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Just because it’s really, really shit… doesn’t mean you have to dress like it.

We get it from those of you not full of the urge to leap up, dust the crisps off yourself and unleash your inner Elton John right now. You’re probably very tired of having messages about “Buy Local” or “Supporting your community!” like the future of the economy is totally dependent on whether you spaff a tenner up the wall on Deborahs home made chai spice candle or not. People are skint, Boris Johnson is a twat, Corona Virus is just piss inconvenient and we understand that you want a pint so badly you’d shake Thatcher’s fetid claw personally in a deal with the devil if it meant the pub came back.

So why are we trying to peddle you a fancy vintage parka or a sparkly ballgown in these shitty, shitty times you ask? Is it to pay the bills of a poor wee struggling local independent business who handled your hangovers and emo phases with the utmost discretion since the 90’s? To show small business some love because you’re a big fucking deal on Instagram? Nah mate, it’s just gonna really fuck off a Tory if we all look like we’re quite enjoying ourselves really. So check in with our online store, drop us a shout on Facebook, email us, use smoke signals or interpretive dance, we’ll help you find something and even drop it to your door for local delivery. We are all in this together, but it doesn’t mean it’s all on you to fix the world. Ease up, put on some tunes, wear something equal parts outlandish and inappropriate, and dance til the world is back to normal. If we’re up shit creek, might as well look good while you’re there, eh?

 Vintage vinyl 

Here at Dress code we as passionate about our vinyl selection as Lou Reed was about his right to be damn contrary. From well researched debates about the artistic merits of Beyoncé's Lemonade  (masterpiece, all hail Queen Bey) to how mashed Joey Ramone had to be to do that Funky Man song, we love to hear what you bought and why.  

The satisfaction of replacing lost vinyl is a huge part of what fuels our arguably Savant-ish need to stock a diverse range of genres, re-presses and first editions of the most eclectic punk, rock, indie, hip hop, house, soul, funk and oddities. Lost your favourite copy of Born Slippy in a poorly executed house move in 1997? Ex stole your copy of Pulp Fiction OST after a vicious break up with vinyl victims? We have you covered from pocket pleaser one pound wonders to the rarities you thought you'd never see again. A long way from our humble beginnings of band T Shirts and punk as funk jumble sale restyles, we now have over 1500 records, CDs, cassette tapes and music books in store now starting from £1 to browse in store seven days a week!

Vintage Band Tees

Are you craving something new? Well so were we! To scratch our itch we've just got in a huge new shipment of vintage band Tees. In all sizes and every genre, you are bound to find something to fit your summer vibe. We know that the heat has been oppressive but there is no better way to cool down than by looking cool while repping your favourite bands. As if this couldn't get any better, these beauties are only available in store, so you have to be shopping local meaning that you are doing the environment a favour as well as yourself. With every t-shirt under £15 and enough fabulous extras to build an entirely new outfit on store, what are you waiting for? Swing by and pick up a bargain before they are all gone

Summer Sale

It's summer sale season again, the world is reopening and we are all doing our part to shop locally.

Here at Dress Code we're helping to revamp your wardrobe with sustainable summer options for bargain prices. With shirts, skirts and shorts for under £5 it would almost be rude not to stop by and pick up a steal. Whether you're looking to perfect your outfit with the right accessories or bag yourself a new look that can deal with the heat, we've got you covered. Our sale prices are in-store exclusive, so the only way to grab a bargain is to stop by and snatch it up before it's gone forever.

We think that in a world where community is holding us all together there is nothing better than getting out and helping Albert Road thrive. We understand that you might be looking to partake in a bit of retail therapy and why not do in style with our amazing selection of masks. Each one is handmade, decked in skulls and under £5, so why not opt for both safety and style.

The world might be hard right now but your friendly neighbourhood vintage store looks forward to seeing you all again soon!

Here Comes Spring

Winter is officially over! Time to celebrate then re-emergence of the sun by shedding the layers and embracing a new look. Here at Dress Code, we're kicking off the spring time with a big delivery of new-to-us vintage clothing and band t-shirts to deck out our rails in the finest of seasonal looks of years past.

We're swapping thick knits for 90s crop tops and classic band tees, all while keeping things sustainable! Why spend a fortune on something brand new that's going to fall to pieces before next spring when you could come visit us and get well loved items for half the price? We all want to find that wardrobe perfecting item, the leather jacket that will see you through the next forty years or the jeans that are somehow both comfy and effortlessly cool, and sometimes to find those things we need to listen to our elders. Our vast selection of vintage clothing cuts out the stress of high street shopping, presenting you with only the very best of the outfits from past that still look fresh in the present and stops more looks from hitting the landfill.

Catering to everyone from Goth to Indie kid and everything in between, our spring selection is bound to have something that will complete your wardrobe for the start of the new decade. As if that weren't enough we pride ourselves on our in store selection of vinyl  and fandom accessories, so why not pop in and pick yourself up something perfect for 2020. 

Seasonal Sustainability

It's beginning to look a lot like...the world is burning and we're all going to die! Too bleak for the Christmas mood, I think not. The truth is our environment is suffering and we're to blame, so whilst you snuggle up with a steaming cup of your favourite seasonal drink and plan out the perfect presents for all your loved ones why not spare a thought for the poor ol' Earth we live on.

The fast fashion industry sells us all cheap and trendy clothing that will fall apart within the year and we all empty our wallets for the next 'vintage-inspired trend' of 2020 but a whopping 85% of all our clothing ends up in a landfill. So why not splash the cash on something actually vintage that won't weigh on your ecological conscience and will help keep one less thing from the land-fill? Here at Dress Code, we're all about re-using, re-loving and re-styling the old favourites of decades past and as the Holidays loom on the horizon we want you to join us.

Sure, you could go down the high street and pick up a pair of distressed Mom jeans for £40, but we recommend you save yourself the time, stress and precious pounds and stop by our shop. Here we have designer denim half the price, preloved by someone else's mum that won't be threadbare by next year's Crimbo party. Wouldn't it be nicer to save some money and pick a product that's going to last you into at least summer? We think so, that's why we offer vintage everything! From winter coats and plaid shirts to party shoes, we've got your wardrobe covered. So go on, give our earth a helping hand and keep your presents sustainable this Christmas.

If your sister wants a leather jacket don't waste your time on something faux that's will likely live ten times longer than even your grandkids, stop by our Southsea shop and pick up something vintage, made from real leather that's been around for donkey's years, and still has a lot of life in it. And, in a few decades, when it does finally give in, this genuine article will be far more bio-gradable than anything made from plastic. Don't waste your time in HMV paying through the arse for that vinyl Dad lost decades ago and wants desperately, we've got the real deal for just a fraction of the price. When you put his present under the tree this year, it will feel like he's finally found his original record collection and, you never know, with all that money you save you might be able to pick him up a few extra gems.

So whatever you're buying and whoever it's for save the cash and the planet by shopping at Dress Code and have a Happy Holiday

"Mother Knows Best" 

The phrase you grew up hating, wondering where this mysterious wisdom stemmed from, but when it comes to wardrobe, we are firmly of the view your mama had a point, and your aunt, and your grandmother... In today's sea of polyester similarities, we are pleased to be launching the vintage section of our online store with something to love for more than one summer. 

Here at Dress Code we have been supplying the finest, strangest and most downright outrageous selection of clothing from the 1920's to, regrettably now somehow declaring, the 90's "vintage". We've been doing this for long enough to have, in the posh wording, carefully curated a selection of vintage delights for your wardrobe, now available from our online store. With a spectacular array of clothing from vintage big names like Betty Barclay to early rave oddities with everything from Drag Queen hand sequined gowns to St Michael classics along the way. Realistically we feel there's no excuse for not looking like Adam Ant at a fancy dress party on a standard Monday so we've decided to spread the good word and open our vintage section to the good people of the internet. 

Our vintage section of the online shop will feature an ever growing and diversifying collection of the best from our little Southsea hub available for next day delivery across the UK. Using our extensive vintage selection and unfailing urge to stop you looking like a muppet, we can advise you on outfits for Goodwood, how to really piss off Janice in HR with your office Christmas party or just kitsch up your average Monday. Launching over the summer, we thought we'd peak your interest with some of the best, bizarre and bolshiest choices to pass through our humble shop before now... 
















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