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Dress Code Reviews


totoro love !

i love this plushie and the delivery was so quick too !!!
Scott fitzgerald, portsmouth

I love Darth Vadar

An awesome twist to THE BEST star wars character
Luke, Brighton


Love these so much I bought the pair!
Les, Southampton

So cool!

They look great on my fridge!
Louise, Essex

Cute, fun and a perfect gift

Bought these for my friend and she loved them!
Jane M, Lancaster


I love this candle! Makes for a very quirky gift!
Sally, Coventry


Brings back memories and holds my cash, perfect!
Will, Dublin

A cracking good opener!

The perfect bottle opener!
Andy, Wales


Perfect fit and awesome design!
George, Blackpool

Love it!

Coolest way I've ever saved money!
Sophie, Nottingham

Stylish and smart!

Never again will I wear a real tie!
Joe, Leeds

My favourite necklace

The perfect type of flower since it doesn't give me hayfever!
Danni, Derbyshire

My Mind is blown!

It looks 2D but is somehow 3D?? What kind of wizardy is this!
Harry, Surrey

My anime aspirations!

Every time I use this wallet a tear comes to my eye, i just love Toroto so much!
Tim, Hilsea

Everything i wanted

Perfect for candles but just as good for shots!
Lauren, Southampton

A two tone delight!

The perfect accessory for my gothic home!
Harry, Hertfordshire

A dead good deal!

The ashtray i was always looking for!
Andrew, Scottland


wow ,i love these patches ,really good value !
gem , cheshire

Purple Friction

Great Film, Had to get this keychain
Dean, Sholing

Stag Head

This is a Great piece of jewelry and it completed my Cos Play as a Barathion from Game of thrones
James, Hamble


This patch is very nice and it goes nicely on my denim wallet
Jason, Southsea

Totoro bag

Great bag, Excellent durability i had one exactly the same as this before it cost me 34.99 and it lasted me 3 years but i decided to get a new one.
Lilly, Cosham


Cute Wallet, everyone loves it. Great quality
Ed, Stubbington

Cross Bones

Very nice necklace, i lost mine so i will have to order a new one
Tina, southampton, Hampshire

Sugar Skull

Kim, Kent

Jake Patch

The Jake patch looks great next to all of my adventure time collectables
Henry, southampton, Hampshire


I LOVE this patch it goes hand in hand with all of my other MLP:FIM Stuff!
Katy, Gosport

Patch Saves Cosplayer!

Awesome patch, had a eureka moment and patched up and old storm trooper cos play costume ready for comicon! #lifesaver
Jim Howlette, Southsea


GREAT!, Portsmouth


Great piece of band memorabilia
Kim, Portsmouth

The Who

This Patch looks great on my denim jacket, perfectly patched up a huge hole on the sleeve of my jacket
Chris, Southsea

Bag review

Great bag for skating, can hold all of the essentials and it has a very light weight.
Lucy, Southsea

Death Note

I enjoyed the Anime and i saw this swanky wallet and saw the plether and thought i could snap this up. It has turned out as expected.
Simon.M, Soton

Coin Purse

This is such a cute little coin purse, i really love the 3D eyes!
Jeoff, Alverstoke

Gift idea

Brought this for my Son, He was very pleased.
Julie, Toton


I LOVE this!!!
Lanyetta, Reading

Hatsume Miku

Adore her music, Adore her so i'd thought to pick this treasure up and i haven't regretted it!
J.Noyce, Portsmouth

Yoshi's story

I have loved the Mario series ever since Donkey Kong (The game of course)! And this Plush has brought a bit of the series alive for me!
Trent, Bridport


Loved this Plush but as i have found out it makes a good dog toy so im gonna have to get another!!!
Naomi, Newcastle


This looks so cute next to my Plush Finn and Jake!
Elena, Cosham

Flareon Plush

This is an absolutely great addition to my Pokemon Collection!
George, Portsmouth

We would love to hear your feedback, 

  • An interesting quirky shop with lovely staff and gift ideas 5/5 - Jenny
  • Lovely customer service and amazing selection of alternative gifts, clothes and vinyls. 5/5 - James
  • Lovely people and wonderful to talk to about vinyl and music! :) 5/5  - Jasmin
  • Lovey unique clothing. shoes, accessories and novelty items! Wonderful Staff, very helpful. Have been shopping there fore many years and will be for many more! 5/5 - Jayde
  • Every time I go there, its like stepping back into a 70s or 80s shop. Delightful range of cloths, books, music and much more. Keep up your vintage style! 5/5 - Giada
  • koolest shop around 5/5 - luka
  • Love this shop so much, amazing items and good prices to match! c: 5/5 - Hannah

  • Brilliant shop/ Best vintage clothes ever/and my favourite checkered shirts. 5/5 - Lauren

    DRESS CODE  – Imagine a clothing version of Aladdin’s Cave in Albert Road, Portsmouth - offers to its customers. Dress Code has witnessed many changes since it has first been established, 25 years ago. Changes in fashion with the vintage turmoil but also regarding its clientele and the outside world. And yet its owner, Linda Fitzgerald, decided not to choose a particular trend, particular customers and an unique direction. That’s why she created a ‘one-stop-for-everything’ shop with clothes, shoes, bags but also books and records, mixing brand new items with second-hand garments. Dress Code‘It all comes down to music’ confessed Elle who works at Dress Code. This was the definition of alternative back in the days: wearing your favourite band tee-shirts, having tattoos and so on. Alternative today somehow looks more conventional. Indeed, boundaries between marginal and casual have been blown as the industrialization and standardization of pretty much everything – clothing, music - skyrocketed. Therefore, it’s quite hard to identify who’s really alternative nowadays. Is it the fashionista willing to follow all the trends or the vinyl fan willing not to follow any? Dress Code doesn’t follow fashion; it just relies on Linda’s good eye in order to create the trend. Her inspirations are many and diverse ranging from the students of Portsmouth selling their work to the world famous Camden market in London. The latter is a micro world where everything can be found: clothing, accessories and weirdoes. Linda wanted to recreate this atmosphere in Albert Road, offering her customers the possibility not to travel to London. The gamble paid off as Dress Code attracts many curious people willing to find out what this shop ‘with more edge’ is all about. Punk kids, vintage addicts, teens and many adults scramble in everyday. Dress CodeWilling to fight this clothing standardization, Dress Code offers further alternatives. Without rejecting any shop or style, Dress Code proves that the ‘High Street’ way of shopping is not the only one. The independent shops of Albert Road show that mass production can be fought and everyone’s uniqueness can be preserved. Dress Code is also fighting for the best prices, renewing its suppliers if necessary, therefore proving that the maxim ‘cheap and crap versus expensive and good’ is no longer on. Once again, it goes far beyond fashion. This isn’t the story of one particular shop in Portsmouth, it’s about a life style shared by many people around the world. Being alternative is not just wearing the right tee-shirt but actually knowing what’s the story behind it. Elle perfectly summarized the shop’s motto by saying that it is a ‘good melting pot of vintage and alternative, offering the customer a different option to the norm’. Norm’s fine but if you want to spice up your wardrobe, choose the right dress code no matter whether it’s vintage, modern or future.


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