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Freshers Week is back, grab the cold and flu tablets and prepare to feel old

It’s that week again. When you suddenly look around town and that heart stopping feeling comes in, when you begin to question a part of your identity you never considered: Am I old now?

Watching a hoard of IKEA furniture, crying parents with serious Freudian issues, and a sweeping cold only describable as a low level biological attack descend on your city every September isn’t without its benefits, we love hearing what parts of town new students are enjoying or giving people a heads up for local gigs and music scenes so Fresher’s please come in. You’re all super welcome and we’ll even give you 10% off for doing so, no need to fear being the new kid in town. But with every year rolling by the feeling of “I wore that to the School Disco in 1996!” becomes “I had one of those and it wasn’t even that long ago…”.

In all the Freshers Chaos, over two decades of watching engineer types attend the polytechnic where Nirvana played one time (True story, barely anyone there although lots of people would claim they were!) to watching Astoria go through more name changes in identity than P Diddy in the 90’s, there are some things that never change.


Doc Marten’s: Instant student. Just add newfound political cause/dark goth persona/vintage coffee grinder.

Buy them in Freshers Week second hand and finally bin them with a stoic salute and a moments silence when you’re 34 and the sole is finally worn. We stock Doc Martens shoes for the practical fresher looking for supportive footwear to the newly discovered Lord of Darkness who prefers to go by Raven now. Wherever you fall on the hipster to goth Spectrum, if it’s The Cure or Coachella, we have a range of different styles and sizes from £29.99


Denim Jackets: If you can swing your arms across your chest it’s got enough room for your shoulders.

 You’ve left home and you’re at university. But I’ll be damned if I’m selling you a coat you haven’t done the mum technique of swinging your arms like a misunderstood kid at a hardcore gig to check it’s got enough shoulder room. And I’m having a freebie about how it’s durable denim not like that high street tat so you can give it to your kids in 20 years.


Record Players: Even if you’re a massive prick, people in halls will still come round for your records!


Over the last three years we have heard your regular frustrations at “I want the one with the handle, you know, a red one!” and somehow managed a selection of fully restored, PAT tested record players from the 50’s to the 90’s. Yes, even the red one, with the handle. Cheers for the specifics. Alongside our extensive selection of vinyl in store, we also have a regular supply of restored products from UK brands including HMV, Dansette and Ferguson.



As usual, we are offering 10% off for students, so come in and make your halls look less like your ma was just too horrified to give you away so used your childhood bedsheets for your new single duvet. We’ve got something for all tastes or just a chance to browse some records while you find something new for you!

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Posted by Dress Code on 04 September 2017 00:00

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