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King Krule Gig Experience

I missed the first support act since I was too busy sitting outside the front of Koko in the high street of Camden finishing off the cheapest bottle of red wine Sainsbury’s had too offer to save me spending a fortune on drinks in the venue. Because of my love for an intoxicated state I only managed to see the 2nd support act, and thank fuck I did. They were called Obongjayar and consisted of 4 members’, I think? My eyes were drawn to the lead singer whose energy sent rolling waves of shivers across the surface of my skin which made it feel like braille. The shivers remained throughout the bands set. As he twisted, snapped and threw himself across the stage I was on the edge of expecting something to burst out of him. With every note he hit and word he sung made it seem as if every ounce of music I could hear was being squeezed from his insides and coming out as this beautiful husky voice which had me stunned. Tribal drums raced across the floor and up the walls of the venue toward me as I watched in amazement from the balcony. I was only up there for the bar and was glad I had such a full view of the stage but couldn’t help wish I was in the madness on the ground.


The 2nd act ended and after going for a smoke outside I pushed my way through the wave of people back into the venue hoping I could get as close to the front as possible for King Krule. I grabbed a beer from the bar on my way to the ground floor to unfortunately find a barricade of people in front of me. My eyes darted across the room trying to find a path way to the front. Luckily I managed to spot two people quite a bit taller than myself, which isn’t hard to achieve when you’re 5’8, who were also making their way to the front but with quite a bit more ease than myself. I instantly jumped behind them and made my way to the very front of the barrier, with the only cost being a fifth of my beer and a few insults thrown my way from a couple of (rightly) pissed off hipsters. There I was, at the very front of the barrier waiting to see King Krule, who’s album release The Ooz had been on constant replay for the last few months.
On he came, and for once I saw him before the crowd started to roar at his presence alerting those further back of the Kings arrival. This is where I would love to be able to tell you about which songs he played and in which order, but unfortunately I didn’t plan on writing this gig experience so a bottle of wine and many beers later left my memory of the night slightly faded.However, what the alcohol didn’t steal from me was the feeling of pure ecstasy I felt as I was thrown around to some of the songs that have been the soundtrack to many important moments of my life over the last 2 years. My eyes were fixated on Krule as his deeply melancholy voice bellowed out of the most unsuspecting figure. Song after song was played and I screamed out the lyrics to them as loud as I could, rinsing my body of every emotion King Krules music filled me with. While I have quite an intimate relationship to Krules music I was surprised at the amount of moshing there was to his music. Part of me wanted to be the only person standing in that venue as Krule yelled out ‘EASY EASY’ but I also could not help give in to my love of moshing and often found myself in the middle of a mosh pit, an elbow in my cheek or helping someone up off the floor. All moshing was carried out in good spirit.


After the set had finished I stumbled out of the venue drunk from overpriced beer and dazed for I could not believe the performance of emotion I had just seen. I walked down the street and noticed round the side of the building a door protected by a bouncer standing over 6ft tall with a bald head and a mean stare. I weighed up my chances of trying to rush pass him back stage to see maybe catch King Krule, but came to the conclusion that this fantasy in my head stood very little chance of making its way into reality. So I decided to stand around by the exit and have a smoke while I waited to see if he was going to be leaving the venue anytime soon. Unfortunately, he never did but I did manage to meet Jamie Isaac, another musician and friend of Krules. In a probably obviously drunken manner I told him how I liked his music and un-shamefully asked for a picture with him. Just before I left I asked if there was any chance of him being able to get me backstage of the venue, the answer was obviously no and after playing the scenario of running pass the bouncer again in my head I decided it was time to get another bottle of wine and stumble back up Camden high street to make my way home.


Posted by Dress Code on 01 December 2017 15:11

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