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Shell Suits: Ironic but Iconic or You look like Elton John and it's just plain wrong?


The aim of the shell suit game: embody as many prints as you can before you get verbally abused on the street for looking like a fucking jockey. Fun for all ages!

With the 20 year anniversary of Creamfields and far less stringent fire regulations as we leave the EU (Don't even start, we didn't vote for it either), the great 1990's wardrobe staple is back. Yes, ladies, gentleman and anyone identifying elseways, the shell suit is rearing its questionable face once again in the ultimate 90's throwback.

With a variety of the most batshit patterns, neon colours and generally flammable qualities, these beauties have been flying off the shelves and somehow you're not looking like a bunch of pricks? I have a picture of my Ellesse popper trousers from the 90's thinking I looked the absolute business, it hasn't aged well but somehow people born after The Spice Girls tragic split have managed to come along and shell suit up without looking an absolute spoon. Even more intense, reports are coming in of groups contrasting neon and aztec prints without looking like a time lapse of Lance Armstrong on a bender, will the madness ever end?



So with no further ramblings of a rapidly aging 90's bird, we launch our Dress Code contest for the month. You young people, with all your energy and dancing, have you embraced the shellsuit as your wardrobe saviour? Send us a picture of your jacket gang or the best responses of your jaded, aging relatives to your 90's throwback, prizes awarded to the best and shade to the rest. Send us one of those instasnaps on the facetwit before September 26th and we'll give you a prize.

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Posted by Dress Code on 27 August 2017 00:00

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